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The Gleesome Threesome!

Marvelous Marlavid
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Three is not a crowd.

This community is dedicated to Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, and David Cook of American Idol season 7 fame, and the pairing of all three of them OR any combination of them. Fan fiction will probably be the main focus here, but I also strongly encourage fan art, icons, graphics, manips, captions, pictures - anything of that sort.

If you have any questions/concerns/complaints, please contact me, your mod meowlina, through e-mail: ferret_kween[at]yahoo.com.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay at marlavid!

rules and regulations
- Treat each other with respect. No insults, no threats, no trolling - just good clean fun, please. (Did I say 'clean'? Ignore that.) If I see any misbehavin', I'm gonna have to start smacking people around, and, regardless of whether you're into that kind of thing or not, it's not as fun as it sounds.

- Keep all posts on-topic, meaning that whatever you post should be centered around one or more of the community's namesakes and how they relate to the other(s). News, pictures, videos, interviews, etc. of any of them INDIVIDUALLY is discouraged (since there are other and far better communities for that), but if you can put some sort of Marlavid/Darly/Marly/Mavid spin on it, then by all means, post it!

- Please TAG every post. This is vital to make navigating the community a whole lot easier. A mod post dedicated to tags and tagging can be found here.

- Credit your sources as best you can. If you have some great news or an awesome picture to share, then PLEASE tell us where you got it from. It's the least we can do in thanks to whoever brought us such enjoyment.

If you have any suggestions for other rules you think would help the community run more smoothly, then please let me know. I'm very lax, so I have trouble coming up with stuff like this. Ha!

fic headers
Every header should include the following:


They don't necessarily have to be in that order. Headers can also include author's notes, word count, and warnings.

*The following warnings are highly encouraged to be included in your header if they are part of your fic: character death, rape, or anyone besides the gleesome threesome having sex.

ratings guideline
Every fic MUST be rated and tagged with that rating. I've come up with a quick guideline to help:

G - Is there anything at all that would offend any sane person in any way? No? Then it's rated G.
PG - If your fic contains something that is mildly objectionable, like one or two naughty words (like 'hell' or 'damn', not 'fuck' or 'shit') or MILD violence (i.e. somebody getting slapped), then it's PG.
PG-13 - Does the fic contain a handful of swear words (one 'fuck' or 'shit', perhaps), non-graphic violence, allusions to sex, mild drug use, or anything else that would be inappropriate for children? Then slap a PG-13 on that mofo.
R - Fill your fic full of swear words, sex and/or violence that is not graphically described, drug use, and anything else that will entertain adults (and some mature teens), and you've got yourself a rated R story!
NC-17 - Anything goes, basically. Graphic sex, graphic violence, graphic anything - rate it NC-17.

Remember: this guideline is just that, a GUIDELINE, not a steadfast rule. If you are still really stuck on what to rate your fic, just err on the side of caution and choose the higher rating (i.e. NC-17 instead of R).


If you would like to be affiliated with marlavid, let me know!

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